The transport facility provided by RBS Public School will cover majority of areas within Mursan, Sonai, Hathras and Sadabad but it will not be obligatory on the part of the school authorities to make new routs or to extend routs or to create additional stops .

1. Students must travel by the rout that is allotted to them . No change will be allowed in between the session. Shifting to a new locality does not entitle the child to use a different school vehicle without permission from the school authorities. Allotment of a sheet is subjected to availability.

2. A responsible person from the school is on duty in every vehicle with a mobile phone to keep connectivity with the school office. In case of any difficulty please contact the transport in-charge.

3. Parents are requested to ensure that the student is escorted to and from the bus stop.

4. The escort must be at the stop before the arrival of the bus.

5. Eating in the buses or littering is NOT permitted.

6. Strict discipline to be maintained in the buses while traveling to school. Behavior in the bus should be courteous . Taking a loud and moving up and down is NOT permitted.

7. More than one complain of indiscipline in the bus will result in withholding / withdrawing the transport facility of the child.

8. Students will have to face disciplinary action (withdrawal of bus service)for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism and fined accordingly.

9. Bullying of any form is a serious offence and will invite serious repercussion to the extent of withdrawal of bus facility/expulsion from school.

10. Students should stand away from the main road.

11. No body part should be outside the window.

12. No student should stand or move around inside the bus while the bus is in motion.

13. The driver’s attention should no be distracted for any reason.

14. No student should come near the door until the bus stops.

15. Transport facility can be availed for pre destined routes & stoppages only . Moreover no new route or stoppage will be earmarked for the new session and neither the bus will wait for students at any particular stoppages.

16. Parents/guardians should enter the bus nor stop it at any destination apart from the predestined stoppages.

Communication regarding transport to be done with the Transport Incharge parents are requested not be communication with the drivers or conductors at the time of sunning bus.