Examination and Promotion Rules



1) Besides the terminal and examination there are other tests during the year. Report on conduct application and progress and attendance are furnished from time to time to the parents/guardians to keep them informed about the performance of their children in school.

2) No leave other than medical Leave is normally sanctioned during the examination provided the medical leave application is duly supported by a medical certificate from medical authorities.

3) Any other leave applied for during the examination will be at the risk of students and will not be taken into consideration in determining promotion.

4) Pupils absent from the examination or test for any reasons are not reexamined and lose the marks. If they are absent without grave reasons or previous written permission they will be regarded as having failed.

5) A student found copying or using unfair means even if discovered subsequently is treated as failed.

6) Good conduct, regularity and Punctuality in attendance and a sense of responsibility, are essential requisites for promotion.

7) Before appearing for a Public Examination candidates are required to pass the preliminary examination held in the school and must have 75 percent of attendance.


1) Students must come in School Uniform for examinations.

2) Once the assembly is over, you are supposed to go silently to the examination hall and take your place.

3) You must bring whatever is necessary to write the examination. You will not be allowed to ask anything from your neighbors.

4) Mathematical instruments box brought in must be kept open and must not contain any formula printed on them.

5) As soon as you receive an answer sheet, you have to write your Name, Class and Roll. number on it.

6) Doubts must be clarified during the first 15 minutes. You must not seek any help from the teacher after the lapse of these minutes.

7) Clarification must be restricted to misprints, missing words and prints which are not clear.

8) You must not write anything on the questions paper.

9) You have to put your pen down as soon as you are told to stop writing. You will lose 5 marks if you fail to do so.

10) Those who finish earlier must read the answer and correct the mistakes.

11) Seeking help from teachers after the lapse of the first 15 minutes, talking to your neighbors of asking pencil, eraser etc from your friends and turning to your friends for help can be taken as attempts to cheat and such students can be expelled from the examination hall.



1) Students, have to pass in all subject is to get the promotion to next class.

2) The pass mark in each subject is 40%.

3) All case of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the Principal. His/her decision shall be final and no interview regarding it will be entertained.

4) The school does not undertaken to retain Answer scripts for more than one month after the exam.

5) A student failing to be promoted may be advised to Leave the school, A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his studies in this school.

6) To avoid unhealthy competition among the students to secure a particular rank, and to broaden their outlook about the evaluation process it has been decided that the students will be awarded GRADES instead of Ranks in the various examinations conducted by school. Students failing or absent in an one subject will be awarded E Grade.

Absence in graded subjects i.e. PT SUPW: Drawing will bring on E Grade.

No exam may be Postponed or anticipated to suit the convenience of any single Student.