House System

RBS Mursan has four "Houses", named after the some of the Great Persons of History. They are Tagore (Blue), Pratap (Yellow), Ashoka (Red) and Raman (Green). Each House has a House Leader and Student Leaders.

1. The four Houses have been formed for the purpose of Inter-House competition, assembly activities and various meet. Each student of the school has been allotted one of these Houses.

2. The objective of the Inter-House competitions is to be generating a positive and healthy competitive sprit amongst the students.

3. Each of the Houses will be headed by a House Captain/Master, Whose roles will their House for various Inter-House activities.

4. The sports department of the school will helps and trains all students in various sporting disciplines on an equal opportunity basis.

5. Out of this main Prefectural Board, the Principal shall choose two students to be designated as the Head Boy & the Head Girl of the school.

6. All teachers of the school will be affiliated to one of the four houses.

7. All Inter-House activities are students oriented with an idea that the students attempt participation on their own and /or with the help and guidance of any teacher irrespective of his/her House affiliation.